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At the end of the 50’s brothers descending from German started their artistic ironwork in Sao Paulo. In 1962 they started one of the first Brazilian companies of manufacture and assembly of steel structures for covering sheds, the Berlin Steel Structures , which was one of the leaders in the 60's and 70's. It was an innovation for its time, since most of the roofs were wooden. In 1964, with the growing trend of business, was established the "Berlin Buildings" which has built several sheds in Brazil. It was a large group with over 1,000 employees. In 1978, due to corporate restructuring, the activities were followed by "RT Structural Steel and Buildings". For 30 years, were built about 500 sheds and structures with areas of up to 18 000 m² to customers in several states of Brazil and South America. The group also invested in land acquisition and construction of industrial buildings for itself.

Today "Berlin Administrators" is the leading enterprise of the group and operates in the trading, leasing, maintenance and construction of its own property. In 1997 he was created a new generation company, the "Dýnamis Industry e Commerce Ltda.",  which received machines, area, decades of experience and group support to develop solutions and products based on modern aviation technology. Approximately 50% of group profit is invested in research activities, development and innovation (RD & I) of Dýnamis Company.

We still operate in the execution of steel structures and constructions, but prioritizing our own use, supporting "Berlin Administrators" in its real estate activities and Dýnamis by working in aviation and energy sectors. From 1999 to 2001, Dýnamis helped develop a thematic Shopping for skateboarding and the design of an airship in flying saucer shape. In 2003, our design Wind up Free-fall Simulator © has began to receive support from FAPESP ,becoming our first external funding resources for RD & I and an important tag for characterizing Dýnamis as a technology company. After that, we achieved the financial support of CNPq and FINEP, allowing the entry of wind tunnels "Wind up" into the market.

The "Wind up" project consolidated the technological vocation of Dýnamis, it allowed creation of technical staff, staff training, creation of broad technical collection and creation of infrastructure of RD&I. For example, because of those good foundations and technical similarities, in 2003, we started studies for the development of a Brazilian wind generator with different technology and, later, systems for measurement and analysis of wind potential. These projects also had the support from FAPESP and CNPq and are already in the process of market entry.

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